About Neutrino PCs

To put it simply, we love to build quality computers. It is at the heart of everything we do, in the computers we build and in every time we communicate with our customers. Building computers is in our blood, we bring years of experience and expertise to every build.

With three ranges of computers gaming, streaming and editing, there is a computer that suites your needs. Gaming computers are built for the peak gaming performance, with some of the best components on the market with value for your money. Streaming is very intensive on the processor, along with high powered capture cards to ensure full quality live streaming. Finally editing work stations, drawing most of its power from the graphics cards and processor to render and display real time footage as fast as possible, to experience the full editing experience..

Our Building Process

Perfection is key, that's what we live by.

1. Parts, Parts, Parts

First we collect the parts from our wide array of stock items.

2. Construct

Your P is carefully assembled to make it your special PC.

3. Testing

Test, test some more then test it again until its perfect.

4. Ship

Carefully packaged, your PC will be on its way.

Our Team & Partners